Annual Report 2016

Trends and developments

Royal Schiphol Group is firmly rooted in a dynamic and complex society. In our centenary year we experienced a surge in air traffic at our airports. The number of passengers travelling via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has already reached the level that we had forecast a few years ago for 2020. This affirms the ever-increasing importance of aviation. Today, an airport with a network of flight destinations is as essential as a road or rail network.

Reporting Summary

The Reporting Summary sets out the structure of the annual report. Royal Schiphol Group's mission and socio-economic task have been captured in five strategic themes. The interests of our stakeholders have been incorporated in a number of material themes. Schiphol Group's strategy also responds to trends, developments and risks.

The SWOT analysis presents the opportunities and threats. Schiphol Group has formulated a number of objectives that will help it fulfil its mission and create value. The annual report website opens with a model that centres around value creation.

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