Annual Report 2016

2016 Management Agenda

The Remuneration Committee of the Supervisory Board determines the Management Agenda, which includes the management priorities that are supported by more specific, concrete targets. Those targets set the course for the entire Schiphol organisation. The evaluation of the Management Agenda and associated targets is also used to determine the variable remuneration. For more information, see the Remuneration section.

Most of the 2016 targets were achieved. The airport's market position and the quality of its network amply exceed the corresponding targets. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as well as the regional airports, are fully able to accommodate the flights offered. Schiphol Group's expansion of Lelystad Airport is proceeding on schedule. Working with our stakeholders, we have achieved good results, including the establishment of the Schiphol Action Agenda. The past few years have seen the necessary measures in the areas of security, information security and safety culture. The first major strides forward have also been made for the digitisation of important processes at the airport. The intended result in the area of quality and customer satisfaction was partially met. The quality targets measured through continuous customer satisfaction surveys were achieved.

Points requiring further attention include a focus on realising scheduled major projects within the budgeted time frame. In addition, Schiphol did not succeed in keeping the costs per passenger within budget, despite the accelerating growth in passenger numbers. This was caused by multiple factors, including higher security costs, extra operational measures and additional costs associated with nuisance caused by taxi touts. The Master Plan 2030, which was to have been completed in 2016, incurred delays for various reasons and will not be finalised until mid-2017. Commercial activities are posting favourable results; however, retail spend per passenger in the shops behind security control fell in 2016. For more details about the results achieved relative to our targets, please check the section Our results.

2016 Management Agenda



Maintain network quality and connectivity

High quality of processes and high customer satisfaction at the airports at competitive costs

Safeguard capacity for 500,000 air transport movements at Schiphol and create sufficient capacity at the regional airports, including the development of Lelystad Airport

Provide necessary operational capacity and quality prior to the completion of the new pier and terminal (Area A)

Execute the Master plan, maintaining operational performance levels and meeting infrastructural challenges

Optimise commercial turnover and use scarce meterage wisely

Improve coordination with stakeholders

Care for People, Planet and Profit (Corporate Responsibility and financial solidity)

Maintain a healthy and safe working environment

Develop the organisation

Target achieved

Target partially achieved

Target not achieved

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